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Scientific Society of Nuclear Materials Authority (SSNMA)

Prof. Dr. Ewais M. M. Moussa (Honorary President)

The Scientific Society of Nuclear Materials Authority (SSNMA) is a non-governmental Society founded in 2008 under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. It aims to provide cultural and educational activities and scientific services that will be achieved through:

1- Organize specialized seminars and conferences in the nuclear sciences field.

2- Issuing a scientific journal.

3- Strengthening and activate the ties of cooperation among workers in the field of nuclear sciences.

4- Exchange of the scientific visits between the Society and similar Societies.

5- Disseminate the scientific culture in our community.

6- Carry out the cultural and recreational trips for the Society's members.

Executive Board (2011-2017)

Prof. Dr. Mohsen M. Ali                   Chairman

Prof. Dr. Adel H. El-Afandy              Vice-Chairman

Prof. Dr. Hesham M. Kamal             General Secretary

Prof. Dr. Hisham K. Fouad               Treasurer

Prof. Dr. Anas M. El-Sherif               Member

Prof. Dr. Nagdy M. Abdou                Member

Prof. Dr. Gehad M. Saleh                  Member

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Mohsen M. Ali (Editor-In-Chef)

Prof. Dr. Adel H.I. El-Afandy (Vice Editor-In-Chef)

Prof. Dr. Anas M. M. El-Sherif (Secretary General)

Prof. Dr. Bothaina M. M. Moussa (Editor)


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